the journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step.

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our way of working

Our road together

your Team, as a service

GIF of a person with an idea in his heart. Spreading that idea is symbolised by the heart multiplying into the sky

setting the horizon

strategy & alignment

arguably the most important thing is for us to understand your vision like it’s our own.

How else are we going to translate what’s in your heart?

A team of three people with an idea in their heart. When they combine their forces, the hearts come together and grow in size, symbolising that the effect of their collective action will be bigger

The wind in our sails

design & development

once we’ve set the right goals, we’ll start to create that reality: that’s the power of visualisation!

We’ll check in regularly to make sure we’re still following your vision.

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adjusting the course

feedback & growth

A digital product is a living thing. It will change and grow along with the world.

Once it’s live, it will require ongoing love and care, to make sure it’s growing along with the goals and needs of your users.

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Team as a service
Design sprint

real partners

Transparent pricing

subscription to a team

the big idea.

the guru is your own product team as a service. all the skills you need to build a platform, without hiring a single person.

forget the traditional agency-client relationship: we're building a long-term partnership to make real impact! and that allows us to give you a little extra.

how does it work?

the specifics

a set rate of € 100 90 an hour

We’re looking for long-term collaborations

partnerships starting from 3 months

with a minimum of 10 hours a month

some examples

The subscription model

Smallest of three plants with the words: '10 hours'

dip your toe


With 10 hours a month, we can have a click-through prototype ready in 3 months.

we’ll take one step at a time, and see what's next. together.

In-between height of three plants with the words: '20 hours'

the water seems nice


With 20 hours a month, we could have your MVP up and running in 4-5 months.

after that, we’ll keep it growing with features and updates from your wishlist.

Biggest of three plants with the words: '30 hours'

let’s dive in


with 30 hours a month, we could have a slighly more elaborate mvp running in 3-4 months.

it gives us more time to focus on things as legal, socials, automated emails, etc.


we got you.

I have a limited budget, can I still build an app?

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Yes, you can. Thanks to our subscription model, you can spread the total price of the app development out over multiple months, keeping costs consistent, low, and tailored to your budget.

We always discuss the possibilities and limitations beforehand. If needed, we can support you in finding alternative funding, like subsidies or crowdfunding.

why do you use no-code?

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We believe the question should be: why still write everything out in custom code? Why keep reinventing the wheel?

No-code ensures that we can develop what you have in mind as quickly as possible and for the best price. Trust us: we can make whatever you want with no-code.

What is the difference between a prototype and an mvp?

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Think of a prototype as a movie set. It looks very real, but if you open a door, there's nothing behind it. A prototype is used to help test your idea, real enough to let people believe it exists but without actually building it (yet).

mvp stands for Minimum Viable Product. (web)apps can have a million functionalities, but let's start with the most important features, and then take it from there.

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