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AlveoCreative is a digital arts platform providing information, resources and a community to independent artists. They were looking for strategic help for their new project: AlveoGo


AlveoGo removes barriers for artists that are intentional about their art, but held back by the part of the art that's not their art. Put differently: the production side of art


With a platform serving as a bridge between artists and resources: Linking them to venues, equipment, or help they might need to pursue their art

Choices, choices

AlveoCreative had a very clear idea of what their app, AlveoGo, should be capable of in terms of its technical aspects. But a lot of possibilities also mean a lot of different ways to execute them. How to choose between them?

A clear voice

In order to enhance future decision making, The Guru helped by tailoring a workshop aimed at brand guidelines and strategy. We decided to start with the brand identity of AlveoGo. Brand values, a clear proposition, and a tone of voice

Environment to assess

With brand guidelines to fall back on, we started to move more towards the strategic realm, focusing on goals, priorities and potential hurdles. Finally we mapped out the entire Customer Experience of AlveoGo, enabling us to start visualising the road to reach its users

The road ahead

AlveoGo now has a clearer vision of where they want to go, allowing them to determine their next steps more easily and with more confidence. We at the Guru are very excited to be a part of that road.

Through guided workshops with The Guru Agency, our team has been able to push away distractions and refocus on what matters: our users and our product. The workshops were an excellent way to bring clarity on our goals and now we are much more enabled to make a robust plan to meet them. Working with The Guru Agency has made a world of difference!

— Claire Ryberg, CTO of Alveo Creative

Let's collaborate!

Are you a venue interested in the development of the AlveoGo platform? We'd love to hear from you! Just hit the purple button, or send us a message. We value your input.